Finance Forms

For detailed instructions, please see Finance Procedures.

Contact the Executive Treasurer or your School Finance Chair if you have a question regarding which form is appropriate for your check request or reimbursement. Event Summaries must be completed by the Committee Chair after all SCA events.

Executive Treasurer: Eva Sehic
Ways and Means Treasurer: Carolyn Conkling

Check Request / Reimbursement Forms
Executive Committee e-form / pdf
High School e-form / pdf
Frolic pdf
Senior Banquet pdf
Middle School e-form / pdf
Munsey Park e-form
Shelter Rock e-form / pdf
Ways and Means (Luncheon, Champions for Charity, Fair) pdf

Deposit Forms
SCA Check/Cash Tally Form pdf
Ways and Means Check/Cash Tally Form pdf

Other Forms
BOCES Gift Form
Event Summary